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Why not recycle or upcycle your AGA by fitting an Electric conversion?

Did you know you can convert your solid fuel, oil or gas AGAs to electric? This means there is no need for flue liners, oil or gas pipes. Also, as it's not required for heat transference, a large part of the cast is removed thereby making heat up times faster.

One element powers the ovens whilst the hobs are controlled independently by their own thermostats and elements, with full hob heat in 10 mins.

Oven temperatures are controlled more like commercial ovens with pinpoint temperature control, (wireless phone app available) with an LED readout showing the temperature of the top oven (2 ovens). For 4 ovens an extra element with its own control is added.

Some advantages of converting to electric

  • Less servicing required
  • Cheaper to run as you only use the energy when needed
  • Easier to control for independent hob cooking
  • Can be installed in any position as no flue required
  • Doesn’t require an oil tank and no oil levels to worry about
  • Ideal if you generate your own electricity.
  • Doesn’t need to be constantly left on
  • Ideal for holiday or second home owners as it is simply switched on or off

Note. The conversion must be undertaken by an approved, registered engineer who has attended the relevant training courses as laid down by the Regulations.

At Plumbwell Heating we offer to carry out conversions at very competitive rates and we only use a UK manufactured kit. Please contact us for an estimate.